Company Info

BON’ZER Sports is renowned for its Motorcycle Gloves, Garments including Suits, Jackets and Jeans in all over the world. BON’ZER Sports is a family owned company founded in 1990. The founder of the organization is Mr. Naseem Awan. He started the organization on a small scale and now it is the organization which crosses the geographical territories. It was established to research, develop, manufacture and distribute the Gloves, Garments & Jeans in all over the Globe.

BON’ZER Sports is registered under ISO 9001-2008. Registration under this act is a big success for the Company. A best organization, commercial support, logistic and customers service are facts of their commitment towards their customers. They want to satisfy their customers by providing luxurious items at a reasonable price and attractive style.

BON’ZER Sports is one of the few companies in the world with full wet-end development and production capabilities. We follow all the process in our production and have full control on all the departments that ensure that our products are the most acclaimed in the industry.

Our products are developed using the latest methods, machines and following all the international standards in their production.

According to Bonzer Sports CEO their big challenge is that how they can satisfy their customers with the product as well as with the price policies of the organization.

Bonzer Sports define the requirement of a new series as economical without simplistic content, individual creativity at an affordable pricing. They want to capture the market share by providing superior quality products that can enhance the market share as well as the customers for the organization.

Their big level of production is sold in Leather markets in outside the country. They export their production in world. This is also a big source of generating Profit with the satisfaction and progress of the country. Their total production exported to the other countries which show the popularity and Quality of Bonzer Sports products.